Send your music to

We get a lot of emails & messages, so please be patient, thank you for your understanding. We can't always reply to mail during the off season 1st November until 15th September.

Are you an artist, singer, band, song writer, ... and you want to send your Halloween themed music (original material) to us. Please use Wetransfer (non expiring links), Dropbox (share links), OneDrive links, ... (you can also send it directly to this address).

Please keep in mind the minimum requirements for the audio files:
* file type: prefer .wav (stereo -16 bit - 44.1 kHz)
* file name: artist - title (so we know what we play)
* cover art: min 500px X 500px - png or jpg

To prevent leechers from downloading your music, we refrain from 'hosting' your music anywhere, we only stream it.

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